Drummer - Educator - Author

About me

Professional qualification:
State-approved music teacher for the subject drums

Two professional qualifications:
Training at the Federal Academy for Musical Youth Education in Trossingen. 
Training as a popular musician at the Downtown Music Institute in Augsburg. 
Completed both courses with grade 1.

Since 2006 teaching at various music schools.

In addition to the education always additional lessons for drums and percussion. For example with José Cortijo, René Cremers, Walter Bittner, Rüdiger Maul.

Very influential were the countless lessons with Claus Hessler. They influenced Norbert's playing, his technique and above all his way of teaching.

Norbert also studied with the "global ambassador of drumming" Dom Famularo in the U.S.A.

About my school: The Next Level Drum School
No matter if you are a newcomer or a drummer with experience. I offer each student individual lessons. Specially adapted to his current level and always with the defined goal to reach the next higher level.

I teach almost every style from beginner to professional.

Even trained professional drummers and drum teachers are among my regular students. 

It is important to me to awaken the passion for music and drumming in young students and to rekindle the flame in experienced students or keep it burning. It is always about focus and the constant concentrated urge to move forward. I always try to motivate my students and coach them in how to bring themselves forward.